Friday, February 6, 2015

Home Winterization Tips

Seal drafts (from Bob Vila): Who doesn't love playing with a caulk gun? Seal up the gaps around your window and door frames and save a bundle on energy. Clean your kitchen appliances inside and out (from Lowes): Chances are good you'll do more cooking in your kitchen this winter, especially through the holidays. Be sure to give everything a good scrub, including the coils beneath your refrigerator and your dryer's vent hose. Change the direction of ceiling fans (from Quick and Dirty Tips): Taken from the article: By doing this, you create an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling. Directing the warm air back down towards the main portion of a room helps eliminate the temptation to up the thermostat on those extra chilly days ... the more your know. Buy your snow-removal/emergency supplies now (from Bob Vila): Salt. Salt spreader. Shovels. Even generators or snowblowers, if winter can get really bad where you live. There's nothing worse than having to drive around looking for salt when the slick stuff is already falling. Insulate exposed water pipes (from Quick and Dirty Tips): C'mon, duh. But it's important enough - and necessary repairs costly enough - that we thought it was worth highlighting.

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